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Our Impact

I genuinely enjoyed my time working with Maria, who I came to know as a very smart, creative, and resourceful person, as well as a multi-talented asset to my team. She was extremely competent in creating organization out of chaos.

- Peter Schnall, MD, MPH, Co-Director of the Healthy Work Campaign 

& Executive Producer of the "Working on Empty" short documentary

Maria Doctor is the most thorough, detail-oriented administrator I’ve worked with in a long time. Her diligence is a major asset. What really stands out to me about working with Maria is her follow-through. She’s consistently on point with the status of a project and she provides detailed updates and reports, coordinates communications across the team, and outlines next steps for each stakeholder. Helpful and communicative, Maria is a positive and driven team member.

- Amy B. Turner, SB Web Tech

& web developer for +

Maria's attention to detail reminds me of a HAWK: her laser-specific approach and her eye for errors, as well as solutions, prove her to be a valuable associate. You can catch her working hard at her job, maybe getting coffee while discussing creative ideas or maybe organizing a day out to help plant an herb/floral garden for at-risk teens. If you don't know her, it'll behoove anyone to have Maria apart of their team, especially in a creative capacity.

- Teodorico Sajor, screenwriter, producer, actor & business professional