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Did you know? Sunflowers were one of the first defenses against the radioactive fallout at Fukushima and Chernobyl. (


Fields of Plenty

Fields of Plenty Pictures is the story and media production company of Maria Doctor, inspired by her late grandmother, a refugee from Ukraine. 

Imagine a field of sunflowers tarnished by a plane crash. Turned to a symbol of devastation, life springs again. Even greater and more inspiring is this field than before its tragedy. Neither anyone nor anything can replace these earthly lives cut short. And yet, their legacies bear new life and point, like sunflowers, toward the source of life.

The mission of Fields of Plenty is to uncover and create stories which represent such stark reminders of redemption and hope in the midst of pain and darkness.

Maria's vision for Fields of Plenty Pictures is that it would attract compelling true stories of everyday people overcoming life's challengesstories that might otherwise not receive a Hollywood audience and which connect our fractured, broken world.


Maria Doctor

Maria is a freelance content creator from Indiana, where she studied music, dance, acting and directing theater before thriving in USC's prestigious Cinema-TV production program, from which she graduated in 2008.

Since then, she has worked as a short film producer, script consultant, entertainment business professional, project manager, and more. 

In 2017, Maria dove deep into the lives of working people while producing a multimedia documentary and public health campaign about workplace stress in the United States. During that time, Maria rediscovered her own voice, using humor to navigate difficult subjects and universal experiences that connect us all.

At present, Maria is producing a documentary on COVID-19 with women across the U.S. capturing unique voices all over the world, while preparing a friend's documentary about immigrants for festivals and distribution, and writing a screenplay about overcoming that has changed her life.

For more information about Maria or to ask questions about her story consulting rates, please do so via the Contact Us page.