story development and media production

Terms of Service

Service Restrictions

As Maria is selective about the stories she chooses to support, please do not contact her for making elicit, illegal, or otherwise unethical content.

Maria is capable and happy to work remotely or in person, depending on location and budget restrictions. However, she is available primarily during business hours, 8:30am to 12:30pm PST and 2pm to 6pm PST Monday through Friday. As needed, especially for clients outside of the continental United States, Maria is open to scheduling early conversations Monday through Friday and later (but not too late) conversations Monday through Thursday and Sunday on occasion.

Turnaround time of drafts, revisions or other services is to be mapped out in steps in advance of commencing services.

Maria's native language is English. However, she speaks basic French and Spanish, and is happy to work with translators alongside non-English speaking clients and even develop basic lingo as a courtesy and sign of respect.

Billing & Payments

We require a nonrefundable 10% deposit be paid prior to commencement of services, but after the 15 minute free consultation and emailed agreement is executed.

Upon completion of a designated service step, you will be billed from Maria Doctor d/b/a Fields of Plenty Pictures.  Payment for services are expected in USD within 10 business days via Paypal, Venmo, or check.

Work for Hire

Unless otherwise agreed upon in a mutually executed written contract, Maria's services are available purely as work-for-hire services. Thus, unless expressly specified in writing, there is no question about her expecting copyright of any kind. Credit will be considered particularly when extensive work has been contributed and both parties agree it is appropriate. But credit determination, as well as whether you use Maria's work, is unrelated to payment due.

Good Faith

By engaging the services of Maria Doctor, doing business as Fields of Plenty Pictures, you acknowledge that her services are being made in good faith in all respects and agree that you will hold her harmless for any misunderstandings that may arise or perceived financial, career or personal losses as a result of your hiring Maria. This includes waiving your right to a jury trial (inside or outside of the United States) to address your grievances.

Whether or not this precaution gives you pause, we encourage you to connect with us first before committing to an agreement. There we can assess your story, the nature and scope of your story needs, and how best to instill mutual trust.

The goal here is a good faith, mutually beneficial service, which frees your story and yourself.